Chemical Process Engineer

The main objectives are:

  • to understand process characteristics and establish process parameters setting to enable examination gloves produce at consistent good quality.
  • to lead stabilization, change management and improvement in process/product to provide technical support to projects such as continuous process improvement, value improvement project, material usage variance.

Skills and knowledge required:

  • Bachelor s degree in the field of chemistry (Chemical engineer, polymer science, chemistry or related fields);
  • Relevant experience in Process Engineering at the manufacturing, glove business is preferred;
  • Analytical thinking, focused and good distributive attention;
  • Self-disciplined and self-motivated for achieving results and specific goals; capable of operating autonomously with minimal supervision;
  • Developed communication skills;
  • The ability to manage stress-generating situations;
  • Self-disciplined and self-motivated for achieving results and specific goals;
  • Problem solving abilities and the capacity to set priorities;
  • Language skills: advanced level of English;
  • A good knowledge of MS Office operating systems (Word, Excel, Outlook);
  • Willing to relocate to Romania.

Main tasks:

  • To establish best parametric specification setting and optimization process parameters for dipping and backend process to produce consistent quality product.
  • Drive improvement in key process capabilities, apply technical and methodical approach toward understanding key parameters.
  • Provides leadership in identifying and bring resolution to product and process issues.
  • To provide daily technical support to production operation in maintaining product quality and comply to regulatory requirement.
  • To study and carry out improvement projects in the production lines
  • Provide leadership and directly involve in continuous process improvement and optimization initiatives such as reduction in glove powder, protein content, glove weight, barrier and visual defects.
  • Manages value improvement and other projects to reduce product and operational cost.
  • Support/perform the qualification/validation process for quality certifications, follow through change management process (change development process) and fulfil qualification criteria.
  • To ensure thoroughness and error proof of qualification and documentation is fit for audit.
  • Develop close working relationships with external parties such as research collaboration partners, raw material suppliers, and testing laboratories.
  • Communicate effectively and regularly to reporting superiors on project progress, results and analysis in terms of complete study reports, presentations, and meetings.

Location: Working on site in Maramureș County – Cicârlău, (approx. 12 km near Baia Mare), Romania

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