TECHTEX launches an ambitious plan to protect the environment

The company wants to use a new business model in the textile industry by promoting the circular economy principles: the sustainable materials management, and the prudent, efficient, and rational usage of natural resources.

Techtex has already made its first investment towards that end by purchasing and commissioning a line for recycling post-industrial polypropylene and polyethylene waste. The line has a capacity of over 100 tons per month. Up to 100% of the resulting material can be used for the extrusion of new polypropylene products. This line will recycle both the waste generated by the group’s activity, as well as the post-consumer waste, from Techtex clients. The company is listed in the Registry of licensed economic operators that recover waste, which is maintained by the Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism.

This is only the first step of our plan for protecting the environment. In the second phase, we intend to find a way to collect from the market all the (non-medical) protective equipment that TECHTEX sold. We want to convince our products’ beneficiaries to collect this type of waste and to return it for recycling purposes. We will discuss this matter with the national authorities and all the relevant environmental organizations, since textile waste recycling is an important project for Romania, and this effort should be supported and encouraged. ” (Ioan Filip, President of TAPARO Group)

Techtex has the largest manufacturing capacity for masks and protective equipment in South-Eastern Europe

The company manufactures all the necessary components for the production of masks and protective equipment and is able to provide high quality fabrics and medical devices at fair prices. The company can successfully meet Romania’s needs on demand.

Currently, as a result of the partnerships we set up, we are exporting  75% of what we produce to Germany, France, Israel, Austria, and the United Kingdom. We’ve opened offices in Bucharest and Budapest, and we’ve made progress towards partnerships in the United States of America, where Techtex products are approved by the FDA. We invested in the most efficient technological lines in the world in the industry, and our manufacturing capacity is continuously growing. Presently, we can make 45 million surgical masks and 10 million FFP2 masks per month. By the end of March 2021, we will increase our FFP2 mask manufacturing capacity with another 15 million pieces per month.” (Ioan Filip, President of TAPARO Group)