The first medical textiles factory with 100% Romanian capital

Regional strategic production unit, providing textiles and ensuring the necessary quantities for the manufacturing of safe, available and affordable medical and personal protection equipment.

TECHTEX was established in October 2017 and capitalizes on the vast experience, competence, and investments in non-woven technical textiles of the TAPARO Group, of which it is a member. The Group has quickly adjusted to the rapid and structural change in global demand for medical textiles.

TECHTEX holds a unique competitive position, as the only manufacturer of filter material and polypropylene nonwoven fabric in Romania. It has increased its safety masks production up to 50 million pieces/month, as of August 2020.


  • 300 mil sqm/year
    Medical fabric
  • +600 mil. pcs/year
    Safety masks
  • 4 mil pcs/year
    Suits and scrubs
  • 30 mil pcs/year
    Surgical caps
  • 7 mil pcs/year
    Disposable linen
  • 15 mil pcs/year
    Disposable diapers
  • 1 mil. packs/year
    Antimicrobial wipes

“We have a medium and long-term plan for the construction of a new production facility and the acquisition of high-performance technological lines. The new factory, which is being built near Baia Mare, will become operational in the last quarter of this year. In the mean time, the manufacturing of the medical textiles, as well as of the medical and personal protection equipment is taking place within facilities of TAPARO Group, located in Târgu Lăpuș.”

Mihai Filip


The first medical textile factory, with 100% Romanian capital, will have 19.000 m2 and it will be finalized by the end of 2020 after an investment of 20 million Euro

Prima fabrică de textile medicale cu capital sută la sută românesc
Automatic Production Line for Surgical Masks
Automatic Production Line for Surgical Masks

The protective equipment is tested and approved as per the regulations in force

TECHTEX produced surgical masks provide a bacterial filtering efficiency of over 98%, and are also fluid resistant, an important advantage when it comes to preventing COVID-19 infection.

Mască Chirurgicală cu și fără Bandă Lată

TECHTEX products are tested internally, by lots. To this end, the company has invested in state-ot-the-art lab equipment, so the quality is controlled at the highest level. Masks are endorsed by the Ministry of Health, through the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices, by the Ministry of National Defence, and also by Hohenstein Laboratories, GmbH & Co. KG of Germany, which certifies compliances with SR EN 14683:2019 standards for types I, II, and IIR.


TECHTEX-manufactured masks are marketed under the Dr.Albert brand and can be purchased in the main pharmaceutical and retail chains in Romania.

Logo Dr.Albert

Corporate Governance

TECHTEX shareholders believe that good governance bears economic value, as it gives confidence to the stakeholders in the company's operating standards.

In this regard, the Board of TECHTEX has adopted the Corporate Governance Guidelines, which together with the Certificate of Incorporation, the Bylaws, and the Code of Conduct and Business Ethics form the governance framework of the Company.

Your safety
our mission

Ensuring nationwide access to medical protection equipment
A wide range of safe, available, and affordable medical and personal hygiene products
Creating 300 new jobs and supporting the Romanian economy
Cutting down manufacturing and delivery times
Securing medical textiles
Ensuring the necessary materials and components for the manufacturing of medical and personal hygiene protection equipment

Supervisory board



    Born in Baia Mare, he graduated the Faculty of Foreign Trade, Bucharest, in 1973. He has over 47 years’ experience in the banking sector and was instrumental in the banking reform of Romania in the 1990’s, having founded the Romanian Banking Association and co-founded the Romania Banking Institute. Over the last 30 years, Dan Pascariu served on 27 boards, in Romania and abroad, out of which 15 in financial sector and 12 in various industries in the real sector: automotive, energy, aviation, consumer goods, real estate, IT, hospitality, personal protection equipment, fertilizers and agribusiness. He was Chairman of 12 companies, among them being Unicredit Bank Romania, TAROM and NEPI Rockcastle. Currently Dan Pascariu chairs the boards of Techtex and ANA Teleferic, while also acting as a non-executive Board member of Transfond, Azomures and MAS Real Estate.

  • Herman BERKOVITS


    Born in Târgu-Lăpuș, he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Cluj in 1971. Subsequently, for four years, he was a doctor in two villages in Maramureș and one in Suceava. In 1975 he left Romania to settle in Israel with his family. He would specialize at Bikur Holim and Hadasa Hospitals in Jerusalem, and since 1981 he has been a pediatrician at Bikur Holim Hospital. Since 1985 he has been running his own pediatric and general medicine clinic in Jerusalem. He is the personal physician of the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and a supporter of Romanian-Israeli relations. He received from President Klaus Iohannis the National Order “Of Merit” in officer rank, for his personal contribution in supporting and promoting relations between Israel and Romania.

  • Ioan FILIP


    Born in Târgu Lăpuș, he graduated from the Textile College of the “Gheorghe Asachi” University of Iași in 1989. After completing his studies, he worked as head of department, commercial director, and general manager of the spinning mills in Șimleul Silvaniei and Târgu Lăpuș, at the latter also being the co-owner of the factory. In 2005, he founded TAPARO, specialized in the production of upholstered furniture, with him as the Chairman of the Board of Directors. In his 30 years of business experience, he has been involved in various development and research projects, has achieved a Ph.D., authored and co-authored several patents, which have been or are being implemented into production.